Hiring furniture from a company and buying a new piece from the market, both options have their own pros and cons. Furniture hire is a better alternative in many cases. As it is not only more convenient, feasible, and plus there is no hassle of looking for furniture removalist companies every time you change your residence or office.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a permanent piece of furniture, then investing handsomely on buying a new set of furniture is a better option.

Negative Aspect of Hiring Furniture

Coming with so many benefits and perks, hiring furniture for a specific duration of time has some negative aspects too. Take a thorough look at pros and cons of renting furniture, and whatever weighs more in your mind, just go for that. Here is a list of some cons of renting furniture:

Man Fixing Broken Sofa

  • As per the renting company’s policies, in the case of any damage to the furniture, you may get to pay the price for repair or the complete sale price of the product.
  • Many companies charge miscellaneous fees, for example, insurance charges.
  • While looking at the monthly payment plan seems easy and manageable, most of the rental companies charge a sky-high interest rate. On top of that, your credit card companies charge an obscene amount of interest that is usually around 25%, thus making the total rental fees even higher.
  • It has been reported that if you buy a cheap furniture, and then sell it or move it, will definitely cost you less than hiring furniture.
  • In the case of late payments, your credit card history will have a bad effect that in turn will affect your apartment hiring applications or any other future payment holdings.
  • If you thoroughly read the payment plan, you’d found out that for a specific period of time the amount of rent is extremely high as compared to buying the same type of cheap product.
  • Most importantly the quality of furniture at the rent-to-own places is not that fine. These furniture items are not worthy of moving in with permanently. Definitely, if you want to own something for a longer period of time, you’ll do a thought processing about it and keep an eye on any good deal in a renowned store. On the other hand, these furniture renters or rent-to-own place owners do not bother to do so. So, it is a sure thing that any rent-to-own furniture is not going to be up to the mark.

Positive Aspects of Hiring Furniture

Best Price Tag

Renting furniture has a baggage full of pros. If you are at “zero furniture” situation, then furniture renters can amaze you with a handsomely furnished apartment in 48 hours. Especially for business executives, newly moved students, or military families who are always on a go, hiring furniture is the most affordable deal to go for. Take a look at the benefits of hiring furniture instead of buying new one,

  • Hiring furniture for a shorter period of time is a definite option if you are low on budget and do not wish to invest an exaggerated amount of money on full price furniture.
  • Hiring companies give free pick up services. So when you are moving from one place to another, you have nothing to worry about furniture removalists.
  • As compared to buying a new piece of furniture from the market, least amount of money is charged up front while hiring furniture.
  • If you have just moved the house and are going through some financial imbalance, then hiring furniture is the best option to go for. Because it is short term, and need very little investment.
  • If you are a student, corporate businessman, or serve in the military, then renting furniture suits you best. As you can choose a short term to long term plan depending upon your needs and duration of stay.
  • Some companies offer customization option, in which their experts will choose the type of furniture as per your personal needs, budget and room space.
  • Furniture rentals also offer convenient packages depending upon your needs.

With all the pros and cons in hand, all in all, hiring furniture is an extremely comfortable, cost- effective and simple solution to ease your transition time. Depending upon your time frame, affordable budget, lifestyle, personal requirements and space, furniture renters come up with various plans to choose from. It is highly recommended to go through the payment plan thoroughly, thus to know any hidden company charges, insurance charges, and bank charges beforehand.

You could be moving to a different country, to another neighbourhood, a new town, or perhaps even just the next door. But irrespective of where you are moving to, a move invariably means stress. The physical and mental energy needed to move household belongings from one place to the other is indeed overwhelming. Packing up various things, hauling them to the truck, moving up or down the stairs leaves you completely exhausted at the end of the exercise.

But, the scenario can change dramatically, particularly when you have tight deadlines and plenty of stuff needs to be moved. Ideally, you should be hiring a furniture removalist in the first place in those circumstances. Remember, just any removalist won’t do. Furniture removalists bring high levels of skill and reliability necessary to handle all those delicate items with the care they deserve and deliver them to your new home, all in one piece. Because of their large experience, furniture removalists can quickly gauge the extent of difficulties commonly envisaged in moving furniture.

Some of the common issues will include accessibility for the truck at your present location and the new location. What if the truck cannot come right into your home for some reason? You will need additional manpower to physically carry the packages from the truck up to the stairway or the main door or the lift, as the case may be. If such an impediment is not factored right at the beginning, you could be having fewer people than what you need, and that could potentially increase the time needed to complete the job.

Finding the right furniture removalist

image of furniture removal occurring

When you have decided to entrust the job to furniture removalist, it is important that you have complete knowledge of the services offered by the company. For instance, some companies only undertake to move and transport the furniture but not to dismantle and assemble them. But, you can also find others such as the furniture removals team at Metro Movers who offer turnkey services meaning you are only required to make the payment when the job is finished.

Double check your contract

Image of checking a contact

Many contracts come with their inherent fine print. In our anxiety to get over with the task on hand, we often neglect these taking them as ‘standard’ terms and conditions and simply sign the papers. But, it is only when the job is fully executed and paid for, you can really breathe easy. The best way to avoid surprises is to ask as many questions as you need upfront and entrust the job to the furniture removalists only when you have all the answers in place.


The best way to ensure that you are dealing with a reliable and competent furniture removalist is to check with their past clientele. Most businesses are happy to provide you with the necessary contact information. Never hesitate to pick up the phone and actually speak to those people. Do understand that some of them may have negative comments about a particular provider. But, after checking with a few more, you can always take a balanced view to judge the particular furniture removalist. Published testimonials and recommendations tend to be less reliable because of the inherent nature of the digital world.


Image of a price tag

Pricing is a significant consideration while hiring furniture removalists as in any other case. The best way to ensure that you do not end up overpaying is to obtain multiple quotes and compare them carefully. Take every aspect of the quote for comparison and judge the best that answers your needs. Also, ensure that you have a clear understanding of all the charges that are included and those that constitute extras. A complete package with no ifs and buts is always considered desirable.


Using a furniture removalist accredited by the AFRA (Australian Furniture Removers Association) could be an added advantage. They are often known for employing trained personnel to deliver highest standards of service, use proper equipment, follow correct packing methods and are updated of the latest changes in the industry and legal obligations. Under the Australian law, furniture removalists are not required to have any kind of insurance to defray the cost of replacing or repairing your belongings in the event of damage. There are about 350 accredited furniture removalists under AFRA and it is never difficult to find one that answers your needs perfectly.

Use the digital world resources

The internet is a great place to explore various options and it does not take a whole day examining various details from the comfort of your home. Positioning yourself as an informed customer is the best way to get the most competitive deal.

Furniture and lighting hire are usually some of the more expensive items for a wedding function and hence, people often spend a lot of time deciding where to hire wedding furniture. Unless you have planned to purchase an all-in-one option, where furniture and lighting are packaged with the venue cost, you will need to hire these items. We look at some of the most important items of furniture and lighting you may need to consider hiring.

Tables and chair

Image of event seating

One of the most obvious items you are going to need is somewhere to seat your guests. The type of table and chairs you require obviously depends on the type of catering and event you are having. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular options:

Trestle tables

These are always a popular choice for seated functions. They seat plenty of people at each table, in an ideal arrangement for conversation. You can hire extremely basic ones and decorate them with linens, or ones with a rustic appearance, better suited to leaving as is (and thus saving money on linens).

Round tables

These are also a very popular choice and better suited to being dressed with table linens.

Cocktail/Bar tables

If you are having a cocktail-style event, rather than seated, it is better to have higher bar-style tables for guests to gather at and rest their drinks.

Cake table

If you have a wedding cake, you will need an additional table to serve it on and for photography purposes.


You will need to hire chairs or stools to suit your table heights. More ornate or garden-style chairs won’t require decoration, but regular plastic, stackable chairs you would generally adorn with chair covers. Stools are ideal for a cocktail-style function, and if you expect a lot of people to be mingling, you may not even need enough stools for every person. Depending on how your wedding is running, you will need to either plan to use some of your reception chairs at the ceremony, or hire additional chairs designated just for the ceremony. Most ceremonies allow for a large proportion of the guests to be standing, with the immediate families being seated. Keep in mind that if you have elderly people attending the wedding, you will need to provide enough comfortable chairs to be available to them at all times.

Furniture for children

Don’t forget to arrange high chairs if you have toddlers attending your wedding and if you can hire children’s chairs for those under 12 years of age, it will make it more comfortable for them at the tables.

Furniture alternatives

Hay bales

If you’re having a country-themed wedding, hay bales make excellent casual seating.

Wedding sofas

Wedding sofas can be an ideal way to encapsulate your wedding theme and provide a relaxed conversation corner. Think velvet for a vintage wedding or cane for a beachside wedding.

Signing table and chairs

Many wedding ceremonies have a designated small table and chairs as a signing table for the newly-married couple to sign the marriage certificate. This is an ideal occasion for photography, so you will generally want to make the table and chairs pretty.

Bridal Arch

Image of bridal arch

You will often need to hire a bridal arch for your wedding, particularly for an outdoor ceremony. You may be able to hire it fully decorated, or opt to provide the decorations yourself. Bridal Arches come in no limit of options, from rustic to beach-themed and contemporary.


Lighting can transform the entire feel of a venue, so it is crucial to plan carefully when it comes to lighting hire.

Fairy lights

One of the time-honoured favourites for weddings, fairy lights offer a soft, ethereal glow. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, but the best use of them is in natural settings.


Image of candles in an event

Candles create an ambience like no other. You can use real candles, but many opt for the safer, more convenient battery-operated candles which can be hired. Don’t be deterred by the battery-operated idea; they can still create a romantic atmosphere if you style them correctly.

Festoon lighting

Festoon lighting involves stringing naked lightbulbs across a venue. It is suited to both indoor and outdoor venues, providing a bold, yet beautiful look which complements many different wedding themes. Remember to think about whether you would like black or white cable with your festoon lighting, as this can result in a different feel for the space.

Single Edison Bulbs

Best suited to rustic and industrial spaces, Edison bulbs can be hung in single strands from the ceiling. You can have lighting drops from all over the ceiling, or clustered in small areas for an individual look.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can provide a more decorative or colourful look to your wedding space. They are available in a variety of colours and designs and are best suited to walkways or even hanging from trees.