Hiring Furniture Vs Buying New Furniture- What is Better?

Hiring furniture from a company and buying a new piece from the market, both options have their own pros and cons. Furniture hire is a better alternative in many cases. As it is not only more convenient, feasible, and plus there is no hassle of looking for furniture removalist companies every time you change your residence or office.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a permanent piece of furniture, then investing handsomely on buying a new set of furniture is a better option.

Negative Aspect of Hiring Furniture

Coming with so many benefits and perks, hiring furniture for a specific duration of time has some negative aspects too. Take a thorough look at pros and cons of renting furniture, and whatever weighs more in your mind, just go for that. Here is a list of some cons of renting furniture:

Man Fixing Broken Sofa

  • As per the renting company’s policies, in the case of any damage to the furniture, you may get to pay the price for repair or the complete sale price of the product.
  • Many companies charge miscellaneous fees, for example, insurance charges.
  • While looking at the monthly payment plan seems easy and manageable, most of the rental companies charge a sky-high interest rate. On top of that, your credit card companies charge an obscene amount of interest that is usually around 25%, thus making the total rental fees even higher.
  • It has been reported that if you buy a cheap furniture, and then sell it or move it, will definitely cost you less than hiring furniture.
  • In the case of late payments, your credit card history will have a bad effect that in turn will affect your apartment hiring applications or any other future payment holdings.
  • If you thoroughly read the payment plan, you’d found out that for a specific period of time the amount of rent is extremely high as compared to buying the same type of cheap product.
  • Most importantly the quality of furniture at the rent-to-own places is not that fine. These furniture items are not worthy of moving in with permanently. Definitely, if you want to own something for a longer period of time, you’ll do a thought processing about it and keep an eye on any good deal in a renowned store. On the other hand, these furniture renters or rent-to-own place owners do not bother to do so. So, it is a sure thing that any rent-to-own furniture is not going to be up to the mark.

Positive Aspects of Hiring Furniture

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Renting furniture has a baggage full of pros. If you are at “zero furniture” situation, then furniture renters can amaze you with a handsomely furnished apartment in 48 hours. Especially for business executives, newly moved students, or military families who are always on a go, hiring furniture is the most affordable deal to go for. Take a look at the benefits of hiring furniture instead of buying new one,

  • Hiring furniture for a shorter period of time is a definite option if you are low on budget and do not wish to invest an exaggerated amount of money on full price furniture.
  • Hiring companies give free pick up services. So when you are moving from one place to another, you have nothing to worry about furniture removalists.
  • As compared to buying a new piece of furniture from the market, least amount of money is charged up front while hiring furniture.
  • If you have just moved the house and are going through some financial imbalance, then hiring furniture is the best option to go for. Because it is short term, and need very little investment.
  • If you are a student, corporate businessman, or serve in the military, then renting furniture suits you best. As you can choose a short term to long term plan depending upon your needs and duration of stay.
  • Some companies offer customization option, in which their experts will choose the type of furniture as per your personal needs, budget and room space.
  • Furniture rentals also offer convenient packages depending upon your needs.

With all the pros and cons in hand, all in all, hiring furniture is an extremely comfortable, cost- effective and simple solution to ease your transition time. Depending upon your time frame, affordable budget, lifestyle, personal requirements and space, furniture renters come up with various plans to choose from. It is highly recommended to go through the payment plan thoroughly, thus to know any hidden company charges, insurance charges, and bank charges beforehand.

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